Before starting your first campaign, you should ensure that you have a list of subscribers that you would like to contact. To do this, navigate to the Subscribers tab:

Here, click “Add New List” in the top right:

A popup will appear allowing you to name your list:

When you create your list, you can now add Subscribers to it. 

Subscribers can be added manually, through CSV import, or through Keyword Autoresponders.

It is important to note that if you are adding subscribers manually or importing them from a CSV file, all of your contacts MUST have given express written consent to be contacted with promotional material by your business. Failure to ensure proper consent has been received may result in your account being suspended.

Creating the Campaign

So, you’ve created your list, added your subscribers, now you’re ready to start a campaign! Navigate over to the campaigns tab or simply click the “+” button beside “Campaigns” to begin.

You will see a page that looks something like this:

This is the Create a Campaign page. 

To begin, choose a unique name for your Campaign. This is only for your, so choose a name that represents what the campaign is about. For example, “Restaurant Promotion.”

Next, choose the list(s) that you would like to send your campaign to. Let’s choose the list we created earlier, “Restaurant Subscribers.”

*Note that you CAN choose multiple lists to receive one campaign. 

To continue, choose the phone number that you would like to send the SMS from. For most accounts, you only have one number, but if you have more, this is where you would choose which number to use.

How to Shorten URL

If you would like to insert a URL into your text, we make it simple to shorten it so you don’t use up valuable character space for a super long URL.

Simply copy and paste the URL to shorten into the field here:

Click the “Add” button and it will be added to your SMS:

Attaching an Image

You are also able to attach images to your text. Please note that image texts (MMS) cost 3 credits to send. To attach an image, simply click the “Choose File” button and upload a file from your computer.

Before we start writing your text message, let’s go through some of the options you have:


Templates allow you to save your commonly used texts so you don’t have to keep typing them out every time:

Merge Tags

If you have subscriber information you would like to dynamically insert into your text, Merge Tags allow you to do this at scale. Simply choose a tag, for example “First Name,” and it will be inserted into the text as %First_Name%. When your subscriber receives the text, they will see their first name substituted into the text. Eg. “Hello %First_Name%” will become “Hello Melanie.” 

Now that we’ve gone through all the options, it’s time to write your text message:

Choose a fun promotion to send out to your customers. If you need ideas, check out our many templates for different industries at

We also allow you to visualize what the text you send out will look like on a phone:

Add Followup

If you would like to add a follow-up message to go out at a given date/time, click the “Add Follow Up Messages” checkbox:

This will open up the follow-up editor and you can choose an unlimited number of follow-ups to add. 

We recommend not bombarding your subscribers with too many texts, as this will inevitably lead to a high unsubscribe rate.

Now that we have everything ready, it’s time to send out our first campaign! If you would like to send immediately, simply choose the “Send Now” option, and click “Send.”

If you would like to schedule your campaign, choose the “Scheduled” option and pick a date and time for the campaign to send.

In our case, we’ve chosen July 13, at 4:10PM. (Note that times are based on the Time-Zone chosen in your account settings.

All set! Your campaign has now sent. You can monitor you campaign’s performance and metrics from the “Campaigns” tab. 

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